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Karma Party has came into an existence to bring positive difference through correcting the process of system and most importantly offer the way to sharpen the democratic system of the country. Karma Party aims to massively improve on the poorly formulated developmental policies of the last 60 years while also improving the political culture in India that has been exploited due to country circumstances.

The party wants to see the powerful country, having economical strong and prosperous country, respectively. Karma Party is committed to bring the system, where people can feel the independence freedom with no discrimination based on social group, caste, religion and gender. The basic motto of the party is to serve the 125 core population of the country so that they can lead happier and prosperous lives.

Karma Party will rise above all kinds of political tactics and give good governance to the people of India. Upon forming the government, we are very much committed to bring prosperity, positive change to the lives of people and encourage their value of trust they would shown on us through our day and night working. The whole state machinery is being exploited of the first family members and confusing the people of India since the freedom, 1947. Administration also become the puppet to the ruling class. People in the country is aware off of the circumstances and how their votes are being exploited, however considering the lack of resources and lack of choices they chose one against another who are equally the culprit of the nation.

We are not only positive, but confident that people of India will vote us for the change. They will not vote for the party, they will not vote for the individuals, but they will vote for the ideology Karma Party follows.

Let's come together.. We are aiming Powerful and prosperous India along with sound economy in the country.


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